Powerful integrations to streamline your UX Research workflow

Condens works with the tools you are already using for user research. Connect your tools to streamline your research process and analyse research data and customer feedback in one central collaborative place.

Use the tools best suited for the task and bring all data together in a central place

Easily import, transcribe and analyze recordings from Zoom

Record your interviews in Zoom and bring your recordings directly to Condens ready for analysis

Import recordings from Google Drive or Microsoft Cloud

Connect the office platforms you are using today and make importing research data a breeze.

Share research findings via Slack or Teams

Share research findings where your audience is by publishing new Artifacts via Slack or Teams.

Conducting UX Research via Zoom

Zoom is the most popular tool among user researchers to conduct moderated studies. In this hands-on article, we go into the details of setting up Zoom for your remote UX research and share some practical tips.
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