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Supercharge your UX research analysis

Make storing, analyzing and sharing all research data easier, faster and more enjoyable

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Condens helps you and your team to store, structure and analyze your user research data and share findings across your organization

Intuitive data analysis

Structure data and connect evidence to see patterns clearly. Supported by a visual way of working you keep everything in view.

Learn about analysis in Condens
Dragging a highlight into a Cluster with drag and drop

Made for collaboration

Make it easy for colleagues to participate in research. Jointly work on projects simultaneously and see changes in real time.

Collaboration in Condens
Users working together on the same document

All your research data in one place

Notes, images, recordings or consent forms - store files in a tidy repository with all data in the right place.

Condens as research repository
Text and media files of a participant

Sharing made easy

Provide access to research results in an instant. Instead of sending huge files, your audience can view results directly in the browser.

Share results with Condens
Share findings across your organization

  • The best thing is that Condens is usable with minimal onboarding of new users. I don’t have to spend a lot of time teaching people how to use it.
    Kayla, User Researcher at Freeletics
  • Normally tagging was the most painful part in research. Now I enjoyed that process for the first time.
    Harshada, Founder and Design Researcher at theObservatory
  • With the split screen you can tag raw data and immediately connect it to findings. It makes things super quick.
    Mercedes, Senior UX Designer & Co-founder at ShortCut Studio
  • A great research analysis tool. Easy to use and pretty complete.
    Raffaella, Head of Discovery at Fifthbeat
  • I am a visual person - Condens helps me a lot to make sense of qualitative data and structure them in a fast way.
    Frauke, UX Design Consultant
  • Condens is what I’ve been looking for as a user researcher for a long time.
    Thomas, User Researcher at WATTx
  • Using Condens makes me much faster. I have all data in one view and don’t need to switch tabs.
    Simona, UX Researcher at Matmatch
  • In contrast to Word I can build my own structure while analyzing data. That helps me to find things faster and is a huge time saver.
    Lisa, Senior UX Researcher at Europace
  • Condens allows me to keep track of even extensive user research data and not lose focus. The ability make references across participants has enabled me to work better and faster.
    Annika, Product Manager at Plantura

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