Condens AI: Purpose-built for UX Research

At Condens, we leverage AI to automate tedious tasks and assist in others, yet recognize the unique depth and empathy researchers bring to the analysis. Our goal? To integrate AI-driven features into Condens that streamline the workflow while leaving the core analysis to researchers to maintain the quality of the results with minimal effort.
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Efficient workflow

Get help with redundant tasks and focus on the core: analyzing and synthesizing user research.
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Uncover insights quickly

Condense large research datasets into concise information for easy access to crucial insights.
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Prioritize data privacy

Leverage AI-powered capabilities while maintaining strict data integrity and security.

AI features that truly add value

Our AI vision is all about integrating features that genuinely elevate research efficiency. No fluff, no magic buzzwords - just real, meaningful improvements that make a difference in your workflow.

Speed up analysis with AI-assisted tagging

Using AI-suggested tags is a great way to save time and ensure consistency while the data volume in the research repository expands. This will prevent the creation of duplicate tags and ensure none are overlooked.

Detect key topics in lengthy transcripts and notes

Auto-created bookmarks eliminate the need to manually sift through long transcripts or notes. They also act as memory aids to help researchers recall, reference, and share key moments or critical insights.

"Just wanted to thank you for the Bookmarks! It's such a great use of AI, even though it's so simple. And the summaries for Highlights are fantastic. Great job!"
Picture of Sasha Petrov
Sasha Petrov
Senior Product Designer, h0s Inc

Auto-summarize core messages from your research

Quickly summarize your Artifacts’ and Highlights’ core messages in seconds. This is ideal for handling longer texts and allows you to condense large amounts of data into concise and relevant information.

Quickly discover related evidence

Condens' intelligent Highlight recommendations provide suggestions based on your existing Tags to help you uncover connections and trends that might otherwise be overlooked during manual review.

Ensuring data security with Condens

When it comes to AI-driven UX research, Condens prioritizes your data privacy and makes sure that all your information is handled carefully, transparently, and responsibly.
Your data belongs to you
We recognize the sensitivity of research data and guarantee that any data you upload to Condens always remains yours.
Guaranteed data confidentiality
Your data will only ever be used to provide you with our services and never for training AI models for other customers or AI tools and services.
EU-based processing
All data processing is conducted within the EU, adhering to stringent privacy regulations.
Trusted partnership with Azure OpenAI
We partner with Azure OpenAI from Microsoft, ensuring secure data handling without involving any additional subprocessors.
Limited data retention policy
Data is retained only for the duration of processing, following strict data retention policies set by Azure OpenAI.
GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and APA compliant

Condens ensures the security and privacy of sensitive data by complying with GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and APA regulations.

SOC 2 certification

Condens is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant demonstrating enterprise-level security for our customers’ data. A report is available upon request.
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Data security expertise

Condens works with IT data protection specialist Fresh Compliance GmbH to maintain the high data security standards.


You can find answers to the most common questions below. If there’s anything unclear to you, reach out to us at
What are your future plans for introducing AI features?
We’ve experimented with various AI-powered features but faced accuracy and hallucination challenges with many. We’ve found that some AI capabilities are simply not there yet and don’t meet our standards for reliability and accuracy. As we want to avoid including features just for marketing purposes, we will continue monitoring AI advances to reassess integration possibilities as technology evolves.
I don’t want to/am not allowed to use AI features in Condens. Can I disable them?
Yes, you can disable generative AI features in Condens. These features are optional and can be easily turned off in your settings according to your preferences or requirements. Once disabled, you won’t have access to auto-generated Highlights, Artifacts summaries, or Bookmarks. But you’ll still be able to use Tag and Highlight suggestions, along with the translation feature.

Elevating UX research with Condens AI

  • The team and I are loving the AI updates to the platform, it has already been so useful, blown away by how accurate the bookmarking and summary suggestions have been.
    Picture of Nick Gill, Lead UX Researcher at TrueLayer
    Nick Gill, Lead UX Researcher at TrueLayer
  • We’ve really been enjoying having Condens in our research workflow. AI bookmarks are great for giving a quick focus to transcripts. The AI summary is useful in Artifacts in addition to our own analysis.
    Picture of James Field, Service Designer at Ferguson Enterprises
    James Field, Service Designer at Ferguson Enterprises
  • Hey team! Amazing work with the new AI features, I love it! Will save us so much time!
    Picture of Tamara Oess, UX Researcher at Yokoy
    Tamara Oess, UX Researcher at Yokoy
  • Just wanted to say - great changes with the bookmarks and AI-generated highlight summaries! Really helpful!
    Picture of Agata Kutowska, UX Researcher at Delivery Hero
    Agata Kutowska, UX Researcher at Delivery Hero

Ready to experience how Condens’ purpose-built AI features can speed up your research workflow?