Illustration of all functions of a research repository

Scaling User Research in

Condens facilitates efficient research analysis, data storage, and insights sharing across the entire organization.

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Centralize user research in a single source of truth

Ready to unlock valuable customer insights for your organization? Eliminate research silos, centralize your research data, scale effectively, and cultivate a customer-centric culture.

Illustration of all functions of a research repository Illustration of all functions of a research repository Illustration of all functions of a research repository Illustration of all functions of a research repository Illustration of all functions of a research repository Illustration of all functions of a research repository
Illustration of all functions of a research repository

Centralize participant information

Create and manage a comprehensive panel of research participants, keeping all participant data centralized.

Illustration of all functions of a research repository

Avoid doubling work

Instantly access existing user research, saving time and effort by building upon previous projects instead of starting from scratch.

Illustration of all functions of a research repository

Ensure consistency

Standardize user research projects and findings with customizable templates, ensuring company-wide consistency and efficiency.

Illustration of all functions of a research repository

Connect evidence across studies

Look beyond the scope of a single project by linking observations from different studies to discover overarching trends and insights.

Illustration of all functions of a research repository

Empower stakeholders with insights

Give colleagues self-serve access to valuable insights via the stakeholder repository. Share findings on the go and integrate key learnings into the tools your team already uses.

Advanced features designed for Enterprises

Condens provides the security, control, and confidentiality you need to scale your user research practice across multiple teams and locations - without the complexity. 

SSO with 2FA

Save time for researchers and stakeholders with quick and secure Single Sign-On and 2-factor authentication. Learn more


Integrate your existing tools with Condens to import, analyze, and share research data where your stakeholders are. Learn more

Access Control

Manage access rights and permissions for individuals or groups, maintaining full control over data accessibility. Learn more

Privacy features

Protect participant data with our advanced privacy features without limiting your repository’s reach.  Learn more

Custom data retention

Tailor your data retention period to ensure compliance with privacy standards and reducing your workload. Learn more

Control Condens AI

Enable or disable Condens AI per your preferences. Control over AI and your sensitive data stays in your hands! Learn more

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Purpose-built AI features
that truly add value

Use Condens’ purpose-built AI features to speed up your research process while maintaining strict data integrity and security. Say goodbye to redundant tasks and focus on the core: analyzing, synthesizing, and making sense of your user research data. 
Learn more

Enterprise-grade security and privacy

Your user research data's security is our priority. We've undergone rigorous certification processes to ensure your information is handled with the utmost responsibility and transparency.

Your data belongs to you
We recognize the sensitivity of research data and guarantee that any data you upload to Condens always remains yours.
Secure hosting
We’re working with the largest and most secure infrastructure providers who follow industry-leading security practices.
Daily backups
Automatic encrypted database backups on a daily basis that are stored for up to 60 days.
Encrypted transmission
Data is encrypted in transit using Transport Layer Security (TLS) and at rest using AES encryption (AES-256).
Logical separation of data
Our system ensures multi-tenant data separation with PostgreSQL row-level security and CloudFront authorization.
GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and APA compliant

Condens ensures the security and privacy of sensitive data by complying with GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and APA regulations.

SOC 2 certification

Condens is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant demonstrating enterprise-level security for our customers’ data. A report is available upon request.
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Data security expertise

Condens works with IT data protection specialist Fresh Compliance GmbH to maintain the high data security standards.

How we support you along the way

We live customer-centricity daily. Count on us to guide you every step of the way – from security assessments to tool setup, ensuring broad adoption and engagement across your organization.

Dedicated Success Manager

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager helps you get the most out of Condens and supports you on your path to scale user research within your organization.

Security Assessments

We team up with your procurement, legal, and IT departments to deliver comprehensive security information, facilitating and accelerating the assessment process.

Custom Contracts and SLAs

We work with your legal team to tailor terms and service-level agreements (SLAs) to your needs. Expect uninterrupted uptime, consistent availability, and rapid response times.

Research Data Migration

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager and onboarding team will assist you in seamlessly importing your existing research data into Condens from your previous tools.

Personal Onboarding Experience

Get set up for success with a tailored onboarding, and experience the value of Condens firsthand with customized training sessions, workshops, best practices, and more.

Illustration that shocases the use of AI

Get answers and insights
from our Enterprise experts

Connect with one of our experts for a helpful product demo, assistance in selecting the ideal plan, onboarding call, and/or procurement support to maximize your team's experience with Condens.

How industry leaders are maximizing their research impact

See how other enterprises are using Condens to break down silos, centralize research, and seamlessly communicate insights in their organizations.

Leading in onboarding, support, and data security

Condens offers exceptional onboarding, ease of setup, and high-quality support, ensuring compliance with data security and privacy measures, as highlighted by customer reviews on G2 and Capterra.

9.5 out of 10 rating for Quality of Support based on G2 reviews

Quality of Support

User Research Repository Average: 8.9

9.5 out of 10 rating for Ease of Setup based on G2 reviews

Ease of Setup

User Research Repository Average: 8.5

9.5 out of 10 rating for Ease of Setup based on G2 reviews

Data Security

User Research Repository Average: 8.6

Scaling UX research with Condens

Now, when someone comes to us with a question the answers are at our fingertips.
Picture of Ayesha Umme-Jihad
Ayesha Umme-Jihad
Senior Design Researcher at Bank of Montreal
The simplicity and clear UI make it very easy to get started and I was positively surprised by the level/ speed of support. They guided us also to come up with a taxonomy that makes sense for us – free of charge! A big plus for us is also the flexible user management and the fact that the repository is accessible across the organization without payment.
Picture of Michaël Dufranne
Michaël Dufranne
Senior UX Researcher, UX Team Lead at Elia Group
We feel like the Condens team is always there to listen to our feedback and their support is just great and fast.
Picture of Adéla Svoboda
Adéla Svoboda
Senior UX Researcher at Kentico Software
Our research repository keeps a searchable archive of all our research sessions and findings. It speeds up the qualitative analysis process and simplifies the sharing of insights, ultimately leading to higher-quality findings.
Picture of Tamara Oess
Tamara Oess
UX Researcher at Yokoy
We now have a much better opportunity to involve our stakeholders in the research studies and to share the results. This creates trust and transparency and motivates our stakeholders to invest in research
Picture of Liesa Breitmoser
Liesa Breitmoser
Team Lead UX Research @ Zeiss
We've developed a hashtag among our UX team at Moz, #BeLikeCondens, because dang if their commitment to swift, useful improvements isn't impressive. It's something to strive for. (Highly recommend as a user research platform!)
Picture of Tonya Rinks
Tonya Rinks
UX Designer at Moz
I am LOVING condens! I used to be a huge fan of Dovetail, but started looking around to see what other people have been using and you won me over with the notes feature and the accurate AI generated bookmarks.
Picture of Bina Bulman
Bina Bulman
Founding Product Designer at Passage Health
We've found Condens to be a real game-changer for us. It helped us streamline the entire workflow from note-taking to clustering insights and creating recommendations. The most significant benefit has been its ability to make these insights and recommendations easily accessible to teams from all departments. It helped us build a more collaborative and efficient UX research environment across the company.
Picture of Natalia Patiño
Natalia Patiño
UX Leader & Consultant, Former Head of UX at Freeletics

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