Participant templates

Participant templates let you pre-define content that will can be applied to the notes section of every new participant in a project. For example, you only have to enter the interview questions once and can use the template to replicate them for each new participant.

Creating a participant template

First click on the project name in the menu in the navigation bar on left side and then select the Template tab.

In addition to pre-defining the notes section you can also set a default participant name, for example to standardise the beginning when using pseudonyms like “Participant #”. You can also create and edit participant information fields.

You can create more templates via the icon at the top right. This may be useful if you do research with multiple groups of people and ask them different sets of questions.

Applying a participant template

Go to the notes section of a participant to apply a template. Applying a template is only possible if there are no notes for this participant yet.

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