Boosting the impact of user research

Thank your for taking the time. Can you start with telling us a bit about who you are?
Sure. We are the founders of Condens. A team of three from Munich, Germany: a designer, a software engineer and a business guy. You can try to guess who is who in the image below.
Image of the founders of Condens
Why did you found Condens?
It started with Max conducting user tests for an App and being frustrated with the available tools to analyze and share the data - or rather the lack of any specific tools. We became curious and wondered if others had these problems as well, so we conducted extensive research on user researchers.
It turns out that Max is not alone and many researchers have similar questions:
  • Is there an easier and faster way to analyze qualitative data?
  • How do I bring different types of data like notes, images and audio together?
  • Where to store findings such that we can find them again?
We saw the opportunity to make the daily lives of many researchers easier and less cumbersome.
How did the product come about?
We built a first prototype which users loved and after several further product iterations Condens gradually became a real product. It's really cool to see that freelancers, UX agencies, startups and Fortune 500 companies worldwide use Condens today.
Where do you see Condens in the future?
We quickly realized that Condens can be more than a tool to make work with qualitative data easier. We want to support user research to have more impact in organizations.
For us that means to facilitate collaboration, to make sure results can be easily shared and are widely accessible, and to contribute that insights are not only understood but internalized by people.
We are supported by:
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