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How we work

Proudly bootstrapped and operating profitably
Condens is 100% owned by its founders and no investors have a share in it. That means we have full control over where we go and can completely focus on creating value for customers. While we continue to strongly invest in the team and technology, we are operating profitably to remain independent and stay around for the long term.
Lean as a company
As a team we are organized to stay close to the people we build for. For example, everyone at Condens is responsible for support and it might well be the CTO or CPO answering if you reach out to us. We strive for minimum overhead and avoid management layers to make decisions and act on them quickly. This speeds us up in introducing improvements which our customers value 👇.
We practice what we preach
Before writing the first line of code we conducted research with >150 researchers and designers from around the world. Until today research is a central element of our work and we closely collaborate with customers to improve Condens. We use Condens ourselves to analyze research data and feedback we receive. Thus, detecting opportunities for improvement comes easy to us.

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What we care about

Empowering the researchers of tomorrow
Aspiring researchers and anyone who conducts research as part of their education can use Condens for free. It’s our contribution to the next generation of researchers. Learn more about our plans for students and educators here.
Supporting the UX Research community
We want to help people from the research community to come together and grow together. For example, we’re organizing the UXR Munich Meetup. We’re also regularly sponsoring research conferences like UXRConf and UXinsight for which we can provide free tickets to those who can’t afford them.
Photo of a research meetup hosted by Condens
Climate impact
Browsing this website and using Condens as a tool is carbon neutral. We’re conscious of our environmental impact, reduce emissions where possible and offset where we can’t avoid it. With the help of ClimatePartner we are a carbon neutral company and support Gold Standard-certified projects. From the commutes of our employees, the operation of our office, the data centers we utilize up to the electricity used by our customers - we included it all in our calculation.
Data privacy
We take your right for privacy very seriously and are fully aware that user research data is sensitive and valuable. That’s why we take extra care and prioritize security, confidentiality, and availability. We’ve worked together with privacy experts to incorporate a range of security features into Condens from the very beginning and are proud to be SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and APA compliant. Learn more in our Help Center.

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