Structuring data with sections

A Session can be structured with multiple Sections. In general, Sections are content blocks following each other within a Session. For example, you can place each question of a survey or a structured interview in a different Section. This will separate the elements visually and allow you to filter and group highlights across different Sessions.

Sections can be integrated into Session Templates to prepare the same structure for multiple Sessions.

Add new Sections

  1. Below all existing Sections, you find the option to add a new Section. Add a new Section for each question in a survey or structured interview for example.

  2. Give the Section a title. You can use this field to connect Sections across different research Sessions. Same Section titles across your Sessions will be linked, so you can use the title to prepare your research data for analysis. For example, when you conduct a structured interview, you can enter a question in this field.

When you bulk-import structured data to multiple Sessions, you can create the different Sections for all Sessions in one step.

Filter Section highlights across Sessions

Besides structuring notes within a Session, Sections allow you to filter and group highlights across multiple Sessions: In the Highlights, you can sort or filter for a specific Section title. For example, you can filter for all highlights that you have for one particular survey question across Sessions.

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