Research Magazine

The Research Magazine shows all your published Conclusions. You can curate a list of featured Conclusions that get highlighted prominently on Magazine for everyone in your workspace. If you've activated the Stakeholder Repository, the Research Magazine will be displayed there as well.

Publishing Conclusions for the Research Magazine

  • Once a Conclusion is ready, you can publish it, which means the Conclusion gets accessible to your colleagues and stakeholders. You can find more information on publishing Conclusions here: Sharing Research Findings.

  • All published Conclusions will be shown in the Research Magazine. You can find all published Conclusions in the right column of the Magazine.


Editing featured Conclusions

Featured Conclusion will appear as the big magazine cover in your Research Magazine or the left column below. As a researcher, you can determine the order and which Conclusion is displayed as a big cover Conclusion on top. This is how you can edit featured Conclusions:

  1. As a Researcher, go to Home and click on Edit featured in the Research Magazine.

  2. Add (or remove) Conclusions from the featured list via drag & drop or by using the next to the Conclusion's name.

  3. To change the order of the featured Conclusions, grab a Conclusion and drag & drop it to the new position. The first Conclusion is displayed as the cover Conclusion of the Research Magazine.

  4. Click on Save changes to save the adaptions on the Research Magazine for your team and stakeholders.


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