Sharing research findings

You can make research findings from Condens accessible to colleagues or clients directly via the browser. There is no download or user account necessary for your audience.

Note: If you want to give colleagues or clients access to all existing research on Condens use the Stakeholder Repository instead.

Creating a shared Artifact

Sharing the findings of a project works by publishing the Artifact. Each project can have multiple Artifacts of various types that can be published independently.

  1. Go to the Artifact you want to share and click on Publish

  2. In the settings, you can decide whether...

    • the participant names should be shown on highlights

    • the tags should be shown on highlights

    • the shared Artifact should be password protected; otherwise, just the secure URL will be sufficient to access

  3. Once published you can share the link (and if applicable the password) with your audience.


Your audience can see exactly what you’ve embedded in your shared Artifact, even if the atomic insights themselves haven’t been published yet.


The shared Artifact is a read-only version of the Artifact that you created. It does not show the list of participants and raw data, but all highlights that you placed in the Artifat (e.g. quotes, clips, findings) will be visible in the shared Artifact as well.

The published Artifact will be displayed in the Research Magazine on the Home page, too.

Bulk-publishing Artifacts

You can select two or more Artifacts and publish them in one step: Open a project and go to Artifacts. Select all Artifacts you want to publish. Click in the bar on top and set how artifacts should be published.


Updating a shared Artifact

All changes you make in a published Artifact are automatically pushed, so everyone with access to it will see the same version.

Unpublishing an Artifact

To revoke access to the shared Artifact you can unpublish it in the Publishing settings. That means anyone you shared the link with will not be able to view this Artifact anymore.

Copy highlights to a presentation

See the article about copying highlights to a presentation to show data from Condens in other tools.

Share a filtered view

When using the search bar and filtering your research data, you can share an exact view with your colleagues. Filters and search terms are reflected in the URL, so they will see that same view when you share this link with your colleagues.

Enter your filter and sorting queue in Highlights, copy the URL, and send it to a colleague to see that view.

Please note that only people who are part of your account can open the URL and access the view on research highlights.

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