Project information

Project information is meta data added to projects to keep them organized and findable.

Setting up project information fields

You can see and edit the available project information fields on the overview page of any project. Project information fields are the same for all projects in your workspace. Note that Status, Start Date and End Date are default fields that can't be deleted.

Use Add Field to define custom fields. Project information fields can have the following types:

  • Text

  • Categories (Single select, or Multi-Select)

  • Number

  • Checkbox

  • Date

  • Email

  • URL

  • Participant

  • User

  • NPS

For text fields, you can prepare a selection of predefined values in the categories section. You can always add more categories later.

Using project information

Project information allows you to sort and filter data in several places in Condens:

This example shows how the highlights of the global tag 'Feature Requests' are filtered by project information to only show requests for a certain product from projects in Spain.

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