Stakeholder Repository

The Stakeholder Repository is a dedicated interface for colleagues to find what research already exists in your organization.

If you want to share the results of a single project use the shared Conclusion instead.

Note: The Stakeholder Repository is only available in the Company plan or Enterprise plan.

How it works

Product Managers, designers, management and whoever you decide to invite will find all published research projects and the respective findings.

  • Only projects for which a Conclusion has been published will show up in the Magazine when opening the Stakeholder Repository.

  • Stakeholders will only see the results of a project in the form of the Conclusion and no raw data.

  • The Stakeholder Repository is read-only so Stakeholders can't make edits. When they have a Condens account, they can read and write comments and can get mentioned in the Conclusion.

  • Stakeholders can use Project Information Fields to find what they are looking for.


Activating the Stakeholder Repository

Administrators can activate the Stakeholder Repository via Settings in the Workspace tab. It is then accessible at

Inviting Stakeholders

Accessing the Stakeholder Repository does require an account for Condens. Administrators and researchers always have access to the Stakeholder Repository. To invite Stakeholders go to Settings, select the User administration tab and choose the role 'Stakeholder' for the invitation.

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