Bring Favorite Tools to Condens and Manage Project Access Permissions

Bring Favorite Tools to Condens and Manage Project Access Permissions

January 18, 2024

Exciting news to start the year! We're bridging the gap between Condens and essential research tools. Seamlessly integrate Figma, FigJam, Maze, Miro, MURAL, YouTube, Tableau, AirTable, Datawrapper, and more directly into Condens. Plus, motivated by your requests for enhanced project access permissions, we’re giving you even more control: now, decide exactly who can access your Projects.

This article sheds light on these updates alongside smaller improvements, all aimed at enhancing your research experience. Keep reading to discover the details!

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Bring your favorite tools to Condens

In some cases, including a report, prototype, or graph from another app you use every day directly into your Condens Artifact can make a big difference in demonstrating the value of your insights to your teammates and stakeholders. On the other hand, if you're working with large datasets that Condens may not fully cover, it's always helpful to have some flexibility.

No matter the situation, being able to bring in content from different websites and apps can boost your Artifacts. That's why we've introduced the capability to embed Figma, FigJam, Maze, Miro, MURAL, YouTube, Tableau, AirTable, Datawrapper, and other external apps and websites into any Condens Session, Artifact, Project description, or Whiteboard. Imagine having a Figma prototype side by side with your insights about the product interface, or a Maze report from your latest usability testing study right under your user workflow findings. You can now simply paste a direct link to your supplementary data and effortlessly enhance the depth of your research.

Some websites or apps may require an additional activation step before you can embed their content, while others may only permit the embedding of publicly shared content. For detailed information, please check out our articles in the help center.

Manage access permissions for your Projects

Think about a situation where you're working with your product team or a research freelancer on important or confidential Projects. To make collaboration easy and keep your data safe, you now get to decide who can see which parts of a Project.

By default, all Researchers and Full-Access Stakeholders in Condens have access to new Projects.

Our Project-based access permissions give you practical control over who can access your Project and its raw data. Whether it's individual users or entire roles, you decide. Specify who can access Sessions, recordings, and Highlights, or only limit it to Published Artifacts. You can learn more about it here.

If you need to manage access for many Projects at once, use bulk selection to adjust permissions across various projects.

What’s more

Media captions for video recordings

  • Make your reports more accessible and interactive, and increase the impact of your research results with media captions.

  • Engage your Stakeholders with automatic media captions for video recordings, Highlights, and Highlight reels.

  • For those who don't speak the interview language, add the captions as translation subtitles.

User authentication updates

  • You can now protect your Condens account with two-factor authentication.

  • The same email address can now be used for multiple organizations.

Bookmarks updates

  • Not just for transcripts anymore! Bookmarks are now extended to notes as well. Whether you opt for AI-generated Bookmarks or prefer manual additions through the editor menu, we've got you covered.

  • Even if you delete a video, your bookmarks will now stay intact.

Other improvements

  • We've reworked the Settings structure for easier navigation.

  • Transcripts can now include more than ten speakers.

Making Condens better for you

Don’t wait to take a look at our latest improvements in Condens and connect your favorite tools. We're keen to hear your thoughts at Your feedback matters to us.

Still have questions about our latest updates? Schedule a meeting to get them answered!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to refine and improve Condens based on your valuable feedback. We are committed to providing you with the best research analysis experience, enabling you to derive meaningful insights effortlessly.

About the Author
Anna Kukushkina

Anna is a Product Marketing Specialist at Condens. Coming from a B2B tech startup and having an academic background in consumer technology adoption behavior, she is passionate about driving software products and exploring how people use them. Anna contributes to the UX Research community with content in all formats from long-form articles or snackable social media takeaways to organizing in-depth user research talks, always focused on finding new angles and providing useful input.

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