Inside Condens: September Product Updates

Inside Condens: September Product Updates

September 21, 2023

With the latest Condens updates, we aim to increase the impact of user research by facilitating communication between different teams. There are now even more ways for researchers to collaborate with stakeholders and customize their reports.

This article gives you a deeper dive into our two latest updates: Collaborative Stakeholder Workshops and Highlight & Cluster Appearance Update.

Think you missed our AI updates? Check them out here:

Invite stakeholders to a collaborative workshop

As a researcher, you can invite your Stakeholders to collaborate on any type of Artifact and conduct a Workshop session lasting up to 12 hours. We hope you use this time wisely!

This feature is available on our Business and Enterprise plans for Full-Access stakeholders.

Inviting Stakeholders

To invite a Stakeholder, follow these instructions. The Stakeholders you invited will receive an in-app notification.

When joining a Workshop in Condens, you will see the list of invited collaborators on top of the Artifact. It’s easy to recognize an ongoing Workshop by the blue borders and an icon. You can also immediately see when Stakeholders accept an invitation, as their names will be highlighted.

Using the Collaboration Mode

There are several advantages Stakeholders can now use during a Workshop. Check them out below:

  • Have the Artifact available via the sidebar,

  • Use the split screen and drag & drop Highlights,

  • Go to the Highlight page,

  • Edit the Artifact and add a comment,

  • Create Highlight clusters and embedded Artifacts.

We introduced Workshops to Condens to support and encourage Non-Researchers to participate in numerous collaborative research activities, making user research more accessible. Here are just a few examples of the sessions you can now conduct together:

Highlight and Cluster appearance

We understand that every research report is different from another. This is why we are excited to share our two major updates to the Highlight & Cluster appearance in Condens, making research reports even more customizable.

Media settings

The first update refers to the media settings. Even if a Highlight is inside a Cluster, you can now display it in three different ways in two clicks:

  • as video (for video formats only)

  • as audio (for video and audio formats)

  • as text (for video, audio, and text formats)

When creating a report, Researchers can apply privacy settings for each Highlight in an Artifact and manage its appearance to Non-Researchers.

Highlight style settings

Highlight style settings are now also updated in Condens. For any Highlight outside of a Cluster Researchers can now apply three different styles:

  • Sticky note (the default style)

  • Media player

  • Blockquoter (in-floating text)

The Researcher's privacy settings also include the Highlight styles.

Cluster style settings

With our latest update, turn your Highlight Cluster into a Media Cluster to have more options to customize its appearance.

By choosing Style settings on top of a Cluster, the Cluster videos can be displayed as:

  • Sticky notes (the default style)

  • Reel

The reel format allows you to play the video online. If you want to show the Highlights preview on top, simply click “Show all highlights”.

Besides, you can now choose the white background for your Cluster and make it look like a video or resize your Cluster to fit your report just in two clicks.

As with the Highlight styles, Researchers can apply privacy settings for Clusters. The read-only Stakeholders won’t see individual Highlights in a Media Cluster.

Improving Condens for you

Let us know what you think about Condens' improved collaboration and customization enhancements at

If you need additional assistance, schedule a personal tour and get all your questions answered.

To help you get meaningful insights effortlessly, we aim to provide you with the best research analysis and sharing experience. As we continue to refine and improve Condens based on your feedback, stay tuned for more updates!

About the Author
Anna Kukushkina

Anna is a Product Marketing Specialist at Condens. Coming from a B2B tech startup and having an academic background in consumer technology adoption behavior, she is passionate about driving software products and exploring how people use them. Anna contributes to the UX Research community with content in all formats from long-form articles or snackable social media takeaways to organizing in-depth user research talks, always focused on finding new angles and providing useful input.

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