Project-based access permissions

Project-based access permissions in Condens give you complete control over who has access to your Project and its raw-data. You can decide who has access to your Project via .

By default, all Researchers and Full-Access Stakeholders in Condens have access to new Projects. You can remove access to certain Projects as needed: specify who can access various Project components, including Sessions, recordings, and Highlights.

  • Researchers or Full-Access Stakeholders with access to a Project can see all raw data, including Sessions, recordings, files, Highlights, and Artifacts within the Project.

  • Users without access to a Project will only see Published Artifacts.

  • You can grant access permissions to individual users or entire roles.

If you need to manage access permissions in several Projects simultaneously, you can easily do it in the general Projects view. Bulk select those Projects, where the access permissions should be changed, and apply your changes all at once:

Condens project-based access permissions allow for controlling access to facilitate cross-team collaboration while maintaining data confidentiality and security.

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