Share Artifacts via Microsoft Teams

By connecting Condens to Microsoft Teams you can automatically publish Artifacts to a specific Teams channel. This integration is available on the Team, Business and Enterprise plan.

Before you start you should know

If you want to import Microsoft Teams recordings, please read how to connect Microsoft Cloud Storage to Condens.

How to connect Teams and Condens

  1. Log into your Condens account and open the Settings.

  2. Select the settings tab Integrations.

  3. Activate the Microsoft Teams integration:

  4. Now open Microsoft Teams. Access the menu of the channel to which your Artifacts should be published. Click Connectors.

  5. Search for Incoming Webhook and access the settings by clicking Configure.

  6. Enter Condens as name

  7. (Optional) Download the Condens Logo from here, then click Upload Image and select the downloaded logo.

  8. Click Create.

  9. Copy the generated URL and open Condens again.

  10. Past the generated URL into the Teams integration settings:

  11. Confirm by clicking on Connect to Microsoft Teams.

How to publish Artifacts to Microsoft Teams

  1. Click on Publishing settings which you can find directly above your Artifact.

  2. For automatic publishing to your connected Teams channel activate the button Publish to Teams before publishing.

    Publish Condens Artifacts in Teams

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