Creating video clips and highlight reels

Condens’ media editing capabilities help you to analyze audio and video files and prepare highlights for sharing.

Note: Only media files that are uploaded to a Session can be analyzed and edited.

Create media highlights

Media highlights are audio or video clips that typically have a tag or description assigned to them. There are two ways to create media highlights: One way is to use the automated transcription and then highlight text in the transcript. The second way is to create highlights directly on the recording:

  1. Upload a recording to a Session

  2. Select the  media highlight icon and choose the sequence

  3. You can assign a tag and add a description before you click Create Highlight

The media highlight will appear below the recording and (together with all other highlights) in the Highlights screen for analysis across Sessions.


Edit media highlights

You can find every media highlight right under the original video, even if you created it by highlighting the corresponding text in the transcript. You can edit the exact entry and end point of the video by clicking the button that appears when hovering over the respective highlight. You can also add a short description, that will be shown instead of the transcript in the Highlights and Artifact.


Create highlight reels

Highlight reels are collections of single clips that are stitched together and played sequentially as one audio or video.

  1. Navigate to the media highlights you want to have in your reel (for example under Highlights)

  2. Open an Artifact on the right by clicking one of the icons in the side bar

  3. Choose a media highlight and drag it to the Artifact

  4. Drop the media highlight on another media highlight to create a cluster

You will then see the Play media option at the top right of the cluster indicating that you created a highlight reel.


You can download the highlight reel by pressing the icon that appears at the top right of a media highlight cluster when hovering it.

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