Import files via Microsoft Cloud Storage

Import recordings and files from Microsoft products like Teams, OneDrive & Sharepoint by using the Microsoft Cloud Storage integration.

This integration is available for all Individual, Team, Business and Enterprise plans.

Before you start you should know

If you want to share Artifacts to Microsoft Teams automatically, please read how to set up sharing Artifacts to Microsoft Teams.

How to use Microsoft Cloud Storage and Condens

  1. Log into your Condens account and open the Settings.

  2. Select the settings tab Integrations.

  3. Activate the Microsoft Cloud Storage integration:

  4. The further setup will happen when first using the integration. Open the Session in which you want to import a file or recording.

  5. Click on the icon to import data.

  6. Choose Import from Microsoft Cloud Storage.

  7. Please log in or choose the Microsoft account you wish to connect with Condens.

  8. You can access your personal OneDrive files now. You have full control over which file Condens can access when importing. If you aren't sure where to find Microsoft Teams recordings please read on to the next chapter.

  9. Select the file you want to import.


For document files, it's possible to import the document's content directly to Condens notes. Learn more about how to bring the content from Word files to Condens notes.

Import recordings from Microsoft Teams

Meetings you record in Microsoft Teams are saved in different locations, depending on what kind of meeting it is.

  • Recordings of channel meetings are stored in SharePoint. They can be found in a separate folder named after the Teams channel in which the meeting was recorded.

  • All other meeting recordings get saved to the OneDrive of the person who started the meeting.

Once you connected your Microsoft Cloud Storage to your Condens account, like described above, you can access your personal OneDrive. To reach recordings from Teams channels (stored in SharePoint) as well, we suggest creating a shortcut so you can access all recordings directly.

Tip: Create a shortcut to directly select these recordings for import as well.

  1. Open Sharepoint. You can find a folder containing all channel recordings here:
    SharePoint > Files > General > Recordings

  2. Click on Add shortcut to OneDrive.

If you want to bring the content from Word files directly to Condens notes, you can read about it here.

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