Analyze on a whiteboard

Whiteboards in Condens are one type of Artifacts. The infinite whiteboard gives you more freedom and possibilities to analyze and share research data. You can start with an empty board, add research highlights, and cluster data to discover patterns with affinity mapping. In addition, whiteboards help you create typical UX Research deliverables like user journey maps or empathy maps connected to research highlights easily.

Using whiteboards

To create a new Whiteboard, go to the Artifacts tab of your project or use the sidebar on the right. Start with an empty whiteboard or a prepared layout for affinity mapping or user journey maps, for example. Next, you can bring the whiteboard to life by referencing evidence such as highlights, clusters, text, and more.


Adding data to the whiteboard

When opening the whiteboard in the sidebar, you can easily drag any research data to the whiteboard. This view is compelling as it allows you to apply filters, sort research highlights by contextual information, and only add relevant data to the whiteboard.


Besides research data, it's possible to add text, images, lines, clusters, and rectangles to any whiteboard. Tip: You can lock elements to preserve a layout while keeping all flexibility to edit information or add highlights.

Analyzing in the correct resolution level

Zoom out to discover how mapped clusters are connected and spot high-level trends. Or zoom in and go into detail on the infinite whiteboard.


Tip: You can use shortcuts or hold while using the trackpad/mouse to speed up zooming in and out.

Navigating the whiteboard

To move around on the whiteboard, click on the Hand icon on the left side of your whiteboard.


Tip: There are multiple ways to move around the whiteboard. Hold the space bar while navigating to temporarily switch to move around the board.

Sharing whiteboards

Like all Artifacts, you can publish and share any Artifact with just a few clicks. You can also select only a part of the whiteboard and turn this selection into a new embedded Artifact that can be shared separately.

Using whiteboards collaboratively

All active research roles (Admins and Researchers) can work on whiteboards simultaneously. In addition, all other roles, like Stakeholders, currently can view shared whiteboard and comment.

Create whiteboard Artifact Types

You’ll find an initial set of Artifacts in your account, each with a different purpose. There are two different styles: page-based and whiteboard-based Artifacts. Learn more about Artifact Types.

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