List of shortcuts

Use the following shortcuts to speed up your work in Condens.

Tip: You can discover most shortcuts by hovering over the respective button in the UI.

Text formatting

Bold: +

Italics: +

Large heading: +

Medium heading: +

Small heading: +

Callout Box +

Quote: +

Ordered list: +

Bullet list: +

Checkbox list: +

Operations on text

Copy selected text: +

Paste text: +

Add a link: +

Add a comment: +

Open tagging dialogue (only on session notes or transcripts):

  • on Mac

  • on Windows and Linux (with the exception of Firefox on Windows, where the shortcut is )

Open the Outline of an opened Artifact in the right side bar: +

Navigating the whiteboard

Zoom in: +

Zoom out: +

Switch to hand mode: Hold the space bar while navigating with the mouse or trackpad.

Media Player

Play or pause selected media file: or

Revert back 5 seconds: or

Jump ahead 5 seconds: or

Play from position of text cursor in transcript: ++

Click on word in transcript to play from: +

Navigating Sessions

Go to next Session:

  • ++ on Mac

  • ++ on Windows and Linux

Go to previous Session:

  • ++ on Mac

  • ++ on Windows and Linux

Filtering and Searching

When filtering for multiple attributes, you can stay in the filtered query after selecting the first attribute. When selecting one attribute, hold:

  • on Mac

  • on Windows and Linux stay in the same view.

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