Entering and formatting text

A central piece of Condens is its text editor. This is where a large portion of your work will happen, be it during preparation for your next project, creating notes of your research activities, or crafting engaging reports and presentations for your stakeholders.

Fortunately, Condens' text editor is designed to make this part as fun and efficient as possible, offering a ton of handy formatting features and time-saving keyboard shortcuts.

The basics

Editing text in Condens is similar to other text editors you already know. However, we've made a few tweaks to make creating well-structured notes from user research easier and faster:

  • Notes are saved automatically, that's why Condens doesn't have a save button.

  • There is a defined set of text formatting options to help you and your team create consistent notes and reports.

  • You can change the formatting of the text by clicking on the icon left of the respective paragraph and choose your preferred option.

  • To format parts of a paragraph or larger sections with multiple paragraphs, you can use the tooltip menu that appears when you select text. This way you can also add comments to start a discussion with colleagues or add highlights and tags on Session notes.

Tip: To speed things up, you can use the shortcuts displayed next to the formatting options or in the tooltip that appears when hovering over the buttons. Check out all shortcuts here.

Text formatting options

In addition to the standard text, you can choose from a set of predefined formatting options and elements for your texts:

  • Headings: Three different types that vary in size (large, medium, and small) can be used.

  • Lists: You can create bullet-point lists or numbered lists in the text editor.

  • Quote: Relevant quotes can be formatted in a unique style to distinguish them from surrounding text.

  • Callout-Box: Make noteworthy points of your Conclusion stand out. You can choose the background color and a corresponding emoji to communicate important findings with more than just words.

  • Horizontal line: Add horizontal lines to your text document via the button left of an empty line or by typing '---' into an empty line to separate different text sections.

  • Images: Include images to support your insights by uploading an image via the button left of an empty line.

Collaborative notetaking

Note-taking in Condens works collaboratively so multiple people can work on the same document in real-time. For each user working on a document, Condens will display their cursor and current selection.

Other areas where you can edit and collaborate on notes in Condens are:

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