Global tags

By default tags in Condens are project-specific and can only be used in the project they are created in. To connect research evidence across projects we use global tags which are available in all projects.

For example, research participants mention feature requests in multiple projects and you don’t want to create a separate tag in each project. A global tag lets you label all these observations with one tag.

Note: Global tags are only available for subscription plans and not for project-based plans.

Creating a global tag

There are three ways to create a global tag in Condens:

  1. Go to Tags in the menu on the left and select the Global Tags tab to create a new global tag.

  2. Turn an existing project tag into a global tag, for example, by dragging it to the Global Tags tab and dropping it to the respective group.

  3. Select one or multiple tags via the , choose and use Send to tag group.


If you want to reconvert your Global Tags into Project Tags, you can read more about it here.

Using global tags

Select a global tag or global tag group to see all the highlights associated with it. You can use the search bar to filter and sort the highlights for further analysis.

On the right, you find the Artifacts sidebar containing Note of the currently active project to drag highlights into.


Disable global tags for project

For each project you can configure whether it should contain global tags or not. To do so, click on the project name in the menu in the navigation bar on left side, then click the icon and toggle Enable global tags.

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