Managing and changing tags

Condens provides a flexible tag management system to organize and change tags.

Change tag name, description and color

Click on a tag to get to the tag details page where you can change the tag’s name and color and add a description to ensure common understanding in the team.

To change the color of the tag, click on the coloured circle next to the tag name. By default, the tag color is set to the color of the encompassing tag group. If you drag the tag to a different tag group, it will change its color correspondingly.
You can also chose a specific color for a tag, which it will keep even if the tag group or color of the tag group changes.

Organize tags in groups

Select Tags in the menu on the left to see an overview of all tags. You can use tag groups to organize tags in a hierarchical structure. To assign a tag to a different group either use drag and drop or click on the settings icon next to the tag and use Send to Tag group.

Merge multiple tags into one

If you find that two or more tags actually mean the same thing you can merge them into one. Go to Tags in the menu on the left and select the respective tags via the . Then select in the top bar.


Convert Project Tags into Global Tags

By default tags in Condens are project-specific and can only be used in the project they are created in. But sometimes, these tags can become relevant for multiple projects and it might be useful to convert them into global tags.


There are two ways you can turn a Project Tag into a Global tag:

  • Select one or multiple Global tags via the , choose and use Send to tag group.

  • Drag and drop the Project Tag into the respective Global Tag group.


Convert Global Tags into Project Tags

If a Global Tag is no longer needed across projects but rather in a specific one, you can convert it in a few simple steps:

  1. Click on Tags in the top left menu and go to Global Tags.

  2. Select the Tags (or Tag groups) you want to convert.

  3. On the top menu bar, click on and confirm the action. Please note that the selected Global Tag will be converted into a Project Tag. It’ll appear in all Projects that currently make use of it.


Bulk edit tags on highlights

You can change the tags that are assigned to highlights in bulk.

  1. Go to a page where highlights are shown, for example, by clicking on a tag or tag group or going to Highlights.

  2. Select the respective highlights via the icon.

  3. Use from the top bar to perform a bulk operation like removing a tag or adding a new one.


Splitting a tag up

You can use the bulk-editing functionality explained above to split a tag into two.

  1. Click on a tag to get to the tag details page where you see all highlights associated with the tag.

  2. Select all highlights that should have another tag via the icon.

  3. Use from the top bar to unselect the current tag and apply a new tag.

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