Embed a website or an app to Condens

Condens allows you to bring in content from many websites and apps to enrich your research reports and easily share them with your stakeholders. You can embed external apps and websites into any Condens Session, Artifact, or Project description.

Here is how to embed a general website or an app with a direct link to the content in Condens:

On a website/ in an app

Since different tools have different workflows to get the right link to the content you want to embed, this process depends on each case.

  • Some websites or apps might require an additional activation to embed content (eg. MURAL), while others only allow embedding content that has been shared publicly (eg. Tableau or Datawrapper), with no specific permissions or authentication needed.

  • Some tools provide their users with an alternative option to embed content with the embed code besides the link.

  • You can only view and not edit an embedded website or an app.

You can find detailed instructions on how to get the right link for the following tools:

If you are using a tool that is not listed, it might be helpful to search online for the tool-specific instructions first (search for “Share link” + “Tool”). After that step, come back to Condens and continue your workflow.

In Condens

  1. - In any editor (eg. in a Session, text Artifact, Project description, etc.) use the next to an empty line or type ‘/’ and select General.

    - In any Whiteboard Artifact, click (...) the left menu bar, search for General, then select it and place on the Whiteboard.

  2. Paste the link in the respective field on the embed element.

If you face any problems embedding content, just email hello@condens.io for assistance.

Didn't find what you're looking for? Send us a message and we'll get back to you.