Share Research Evidence Easier than Ever and Engage Stakeholders

Share Research Evidence Easier than Ever and Engage Stakeholders

May 6, 2024

If user research is conducted but goes unnoticed, does it bring any true value? We understand the importance of reaching stakeholders for your research to have an impact, so let us tell you more about our recent product update: you can now share research Highlights with a single link from anywhere you see them.

This article will walk you through how we made sharing in Condens as easy as possible. Keep reading to dive in!

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Easily share Highlights and Clusters

Sharing research findings has never been easier! Now, you can effortlessly share smaller pieces of evidence or Highlight reels multiple times throughout your research process, keeping your stakeholders engaged on every step of the way. Let's check out the details.

Sharing Highlights from the transcript

To share a Highlight after transcribing your recording:

  • Highlight the part of the transcript you want to share and click , or

  • Select a previously created Highlight, go to , and choose .

  • Take control of your sharing settings, deciding what Roles can see the Highlight, how it's displayed, and setting security and privacy preferences.

  • Copy the sharing link to easily share it with your stakeholders.

Sharing Highlights from the Highlight overview

You can also share Highlights directly from the Highlight overview with just a few clicks:

  • Open your Highlight from the overview or select it with .

  • Click in the top right corner.

  • Customize your sharing settings, ensuring full control over access, appearance, and security.

  • Copy the sharing link and simply share it with your stakeholders.

Sharing your findings on the fly

You don't have to publish your Artifacts in advance to share your findings — now, you can share video or audio snippets on the go as you work on your research projects. By selecting who can access the shared Highlight, you have the flexibility to share work-in-progress, keeping your stakeholders informed and engaged early on.

Share video snippets in Slack

We know your stakeholders have busy schedules. That's why we've made it easier to grab their attention while respecting their limited time when sharing research findings. Whether it's a pivotal interview snippet or an insightful observation, you can now share it in Slack with a simple copy-paste of the sharing link.

With descriptive previews of your Highlights, stakeholders can instantly engage with the content, playing the Highlight video with automatic media captions directly in Slack — no need for tab-switching! This ensures they can derive valuable insights without interruption.

If you face any issues with Highlight previews in Slack, please reinstall the Condens app or contact us at for further assistance.

Engage stakeholders where they are  

It is now possible to embed Artifacts and Highlights into other tools. Condens supports smooth embedding with such tools as:

  • Slack

  • Notion

  • Jira, Confluence, Trello

  • Miro, MURAL

In fact, whenever embedding is possible, you can use a sharing link from Condens to show the content directly in the other tool.

Point to a specific Artifact section

Share single Highlights, Highlight reels, or other elements from within an Artifact to guide stakeholders straight to the information they're after. Whether it's chapters, embedded files from other tools, or spotlight boxes — your research findings are now much easier to navigate. 

Simply click on to share the desired element and adjust the sharing settings accordingly.

What’s more

Security updates

  • We introduced self-checkout for Single Sign-On (SSO) to simplify access management for Condens users.

  • You can now view who has enabled Two-Factor Authentication within your Condens workspace.

  • For Business+ users, enforcing Two-Factor Authentication without SSO is now possible, providing additional security measures.

We're looking forward to hearing about how these new sharing features enhance your stakeholder collaboration and increase the impact of your research. As we strive to make Condens even better based on your feedback, keep an eye out for more updates on the horizon!

If you have any questions, specific requests, or would like a personal introduction to Condens, don't hesitate to reach out. Schedule a personal product tour and get all your questions answered.

We look forward to hearing from you at

About the Author
Anna Kukushkina

Anna is a Product Marketing Specialist at Condens. Coming from a B2B tech startup and having an academic background in consumer technology adoption behavior, she is passionate about driving software products and exploring how people use them. Anna contributes to the UX Research community with content in all formats from long-form articles or snackable social media takeaways to organizing in-depth user research talks, always focused on finding new angles and providing useful input.

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