Best Practices and Exercises :
Building an Effective Research Taxonomy

Discover how to categorize and organize your data, create an effective taxonomy for your team, and access our free template to apply the knowledge.

Level-Up Your UXR Taxonomy

When you're dealing with loads of qualitative data, having a structured system is key to making sense of it. That’s where a taxonomy comes in handy. Learn more in our guide:

  • What is a taxonomy and what role does it play in UX research?

  • How can you build a taxonomy from scratch or enhance an existing one?

  • How can practical tips, exercises, and templates aid in the development of an efficient taxonomy?

„If you're able to come up with a robust framework for the taxonomy it sets you up for success in the long term.“

Design Researcher at BMO Digital

What’s Inside?

Our comprehensive five-chapter guide is designed to help you assess, create, and improve research taxonomies with practical advice and clear, step-by-step instructions.
Chapter 1

Research Taxonomy Foundations

  • Demystifying research taxonomies

  • The role of a taxonomy in research repositories

  • Common questions about research taxonomies

Chapter 2

How to Build and Improve Your Taxonomy

  • Building your taxonomy from scratch in 7 steps 

  • 4 steps of designing your first taxonomy

  • 10 principles for crafting an effective research taxonomy

Chapter 3

Exploring Taxonomy Dimensions in Condens

  • Project Information Fields

  • Participant Information Fields

  • Artifact Information Fields

  • Global Tags

  • Case Study with Bank of Montreal

Chapter 4

Helpful Taxonomy Exercises for Your Team

  • 5 exercises for researchers

  • 2 exercises for stakeholders

  • Helpful tips for quality checks

Chapter 5

Taxonomy Examples for Research Repositories

  • Working with multiple products

  • Working in different regions

  • Structuring user feedback

  • Prioritizing feature requests

  • Working with research frameworks

What You’ll Take Away from This Guide

Whether you're in the initial stages of constructing a research taxonomy for your repository or looking to enhance an existing one, our free guide will assist you along the way.

The full potential of a research taxonomy

Explore the fundamental concept of taxonomy, delve into its various types, and discover why it plays a crucial role in the context of a research repository.

Seven steps to build a powerful taxonomy

Discover the essential steps to create a strong taxonomy, refined by our five years of hands-on experience in assisting customers to develop tailored taxonomies.

Taxonomy resources for team collaboration

Get our free Miro template and taxonomy exercises that cover everything from understanding users and tagging approaches to addressing stakeholder needs.

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