Managing Artifacts in the sidebar

In the right sidebar, you see the Artifacts of the project you are currently working on. Condens offers several options to work with multiple Artifacts and manage them in the sidebar like styling a specific icon for better recognition or pinning specific Artifacts to the top.

Basic workflow

From any screen, you can click the Artifact tab on the right of the screen to open the Artifact. This is the space where you document your findings. Pull highlights to the Artifact with drag and drop. Placing multiple highlights on top of each other will create a cluster - similar to affinity diagramming with post-its on a wall.


Styling Artifact icons in the sidebar

You can add icons and colors to Artifacts to help you find the right Artifact more easily. This is only for your internal organization and will not be visible for Stakeholders.

  1. Right-click on the Artifact Icon.

  2. Click Change icon & color

  3. Select color and icon (either from our suggestions or the emoji keyboard).


Pinning Artifacts

In the sidebar on the right, you see all the Artifacts of the project you are currently working on. This allows you to bring highlights to any of your Artifacts easily.

In addition to that, you can pin specific Artifacts to the top of the sidebar to have them more prominent and always available, independently from the project you are currently working on. Read more on analyzing across projects.

Right-click on the Artifact tab and click Pin to sidebar or simply drag the Artifact tab to the upper area of the sidebar to pin it.


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