How to bring research data from Condens to presentations

In Condens you have the possibility of building your research outcomes within the tool by creating Artifacts. But sometimes it might be necessary to present your results in a particular format, for example, a company-specific PowerPoint presentation. In that case, you can export your highlights, clips, reels, and charts and easily bring them into other tools.

Bringing highlights to a presentation

You can bring individual highlights or clusters to another tool like a presentation or text editing tool. That is helpful, for instance, to show a participant's quote or a cluster of quotes.

Copying is possible to the following tools:

  • Presentation tools like PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides

  • Text editing tools like Word and Google Docs

Select the respective highlight or cluster and either drag it to the presentation or copy and paste it. You can choose how highlights will be displayed: As an image or as text. Select the format by using   in the top bar when a highlight or cluster is selected. You can also decide whether to include the participant names or not.


Bringing video clips to a presentation

Bringing your video clips to a presentation can be especially useful to show how a participant expresses a core statement in their own words and conveys the emotional depth of the quote simultaneously. Also, using video clips to show how users actually use a product is very helpful to increase the impact of your finding. To export them from Condens and bring them into your presentation you only need to follow these three simple steps:

  1. Select the clips that you want to export

  2. Click on in the top left bar.

  3. Import it into your presentation tool.


Bringing reels to a presentation

Highlight reels are collections of single clips that are stitched together and played sequentially as one single audio or video. Adding them to your presentation allows you to show all the media files of a cluster, as a single audio or video without the need for an external editing tool. To export your highlight reels, simply go to the cluster and click on the button on the top right side of the box. Now they are ready to be imported to your presentation.


Bringing charts to a presentation

Charts help you quickly visualize your research data, look at it from new and different perspectives and enrich your qualitative data with quantitative visualizations. To bring a bar- or pie chart to a presentation:

  1. Open the desired chart.

  2. Click on the button on the right side of the box.

  3. Import the chart as an image in your presentation.


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