Sharing research findings

You can make research findings from Condens accessible to colleagues or clients directly via the browser. There is no download or user account necessary for your audience.

Note: If you want to give colleagues or clients access to all existing research on Condens use the Stakeholder Repository instead.

Creating a shared Conclusion

Sharing the findings of a project works by publishing the Conclusion page.

  1. Go to the Conclusion of the project you want to share and click on Publish

  2. In the settings, you can decide whether...

    • the shared Conclusion should be password protected; otherwise, just the secure URL will be sufficient to access

    • the participant names should be shown on highlights

    • the tags should be shown on highlights

  3. Once published you can share the link (and if applicable the password) with your audience

The shared Conclusion is a read-only version of the Conclusion that you created. It does not show the list of participants and raw data, but all highlights that you placed in the Conclusion (e.g. quotes or clips) will be visible in the shared Conclusion as well.

Working with multiple Conclusions

Each project can have multiple Conclusions. This way you can build separate Conclusions for different audiences, like a detailed version for the design team and a short summary for the management. Or you can use one as a work-in-progress and then create a final one that you share.

You can copy sections and clusters from one Conclusion to another with drag and drop.

Each Conclusion has to be published separately and will have an individual link to share.

Updating a shared Conclusion

Changes to a published Conclusion have to be published again in the Publishing Settings to become effective in the shared version.

Unpublishing a Conclusion

To revoke access to the shared Conclusion you can unpublish it in the Publishing settings. That means anyone you shared the link with will not be able to view this Conclusion anymore.

Copy highlights to a presentation

See the article about copying highlights to a presentation to show data from Condens in other tools.

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