Okta SCIM with Condens

You can set up SCIM to automatically create users in Condens once they are added to the application in Okta and set users inactive in Condens once they are removed from the Condens application in Okta.

Before you enable SCIM, it is recommended to select an auto provisioning role in Condens. This is the default role that users get assigned when they are provisioned to Condens.

To enable SCIM in Condens, simply go to Settings > Security & Login, then select SCIM provisioning > Enabled.

In Okta, open the Condens application and click on General. Then click on Edit (next to “App Settings”), check Enable SCIM provisioning, and then click Save.

A Provisioning tab will appear in Okta. Click on it and then click on Edit.

  • Copy the SCIM base connector URL from Condens and paste it into Okta under the SCIM connector base URL

  • Next to the Unique identifier field for users enter userName

  • Check Push New Users and Push Profile Updates

  • Select HTTP Header as Authentication Mode

  • Copy the SCIM bearer token from Condens and paste it in Okta next to Bearer

Then click on Save.

In the screen that opens, click on Edit (next to “Provisioning to App”). Then enable Create Users, Update User Attributes, and Deactivate Users. After that click on Save.

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