Data storage and retention


To ensure that only authorized access to your data is possible it is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (at least TLS 1.2) when transmitted and encrypted using AES encryption (AES-256) when stored.

Logical separation of data

Our system is designed to be multi tenant. We use PostgreSQL row-level security and CloudFront based authorization to ensure separation of data.


We perform full backups daily of all our customer's data. These backups are stored o separate infrastructure in encrypted form for 30 days.

The backup process is closely monitored and tested on a regular basis.

Data retention policy

When deleting data in Condens (such as projects, participants, files etc.) they are first marked for deletion for 30 days. During this time they can easily be restored. After that, they will be deleted. However, they are still restorable for another 30 days from our daily backups. After 60 days they are irrevocably deleted.

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