Exceeding the number of user seats

Please note: Only Administrators can purchase more seats or remove users/set users inactive.

If you invited more researchers than are included in your subscription plan, you get a warning message that looks something like this:

Roles that count as a seat

There are different user roles available that allow you to provide access to Condens. Only user roles tied to actively conducting research will take a count of your seat contingent. These roles count as a seat:

  • Admins

  • Researchers

Accordingly, these roles do not count: Non-Research Administrators, Read-only Stakeholders, Stakeholders. Learn more about all our user roles.

What to do when exceeding the number of seats

There are two ways to handle this:

  • Adjusting the number of user seats

    • You can easily change the seats included in your plan to match your research setting. Click on Buy seats in the pop-up message, or open the Billing tab in your Settings and click on Change or Upgrade Plan to see the available options.

  • Remove users/set users to inactive

    • Alternatively, you can release seats either by removing users or setting them inactive. Inactive users can't log into Condens and don't count towards your maximum seat quota. They can be reactivated anytime.

    • As an admin, open the Settings and navigate to the Workspace tab. By clicking on the current role of a user (for instance "Researcher") you see all available options, including removing a user or setting a user inactive.

    • If you’ve reduced the number of users to your user contingent, the warning message will no longer appear.

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