Transcription pricing

Condens' automated transcription turns audio and video recordings into fully timestamped text. There is a quota of transcription hours included in every subscription plan.

  • Individual plan:

    • Monthly payment: 15 hours/month

    • Yearly payment: 180 hours/year

  • Company plan:

    • Monthly payment: 50 hours/month

    • Yearly payment: 600 hours/year

  • Enterprise plan:

    • 1200 hours/year included

Unused transcription minutes will lapse at the end of the respective billing cycle. If you pay monthly, they will lapse at the end of the month. For yearly payments, they will only lapse at the end of the year.

You can buy more transcription by the minute at a price of $9/hour or 8€/hour respectively. To do so please get in touch via

Note: Any transcription minutes used while the feature was in beta do not count towards the quota. Instead, the count starts from zero on January 26, 2021. We will add an indicator with the currently used transcription minutes to the tool soon.

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