How to change the number of user seats

You can change the number of available user seats in any Condens plan and adjust it to your needs anytime. Please note that changing the number of seats can only be implemented by the admins of your account.

Roles that count as a seat

There are different user roles available that allow you to provide access to Condens. Only user roles tied to actively conducting research will take a count of your seat contingent. These roles count as a seat:

  • Admins

  • Researchers

Accordingly, these roles do not count: Non-Research Administrators, Read-only Stakeholders, Stakeholders. Learn more about all our user roles.

Add or remove user seats

You can easily change the number of seats included in your plan. The changes will be applied directly.


Below you find how to proceed, depending on your current Condens plan.


For Individual and Company Plans:

  1. Click on Settings.

  2. Open the Billing tab. (If you can't see it, please reach out to your account admin to adjust the number of seats)

  3. Click on Change or Upgrade Plan to see the available options and select the new number of user seats.

For Project Plans:

Open your research project and navigate to the Project administration tab. Here you can add new collaborators to the project.


For Enterprise Plans:

Please reach out to us:

How seat changes affect the billing

  1. If you add seats to your plan, you'll receive an invoice for the added user seats for the rest of your billing cycle.

  2. If you reduce the number of seats, we'll credit the difference in pricing to your account. This credit will be used automatically for any extension of your current plan.

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