A UX research repository that scales

Scaling up user research quickly leads to data spread across different locations, duplicate studies and inconsistent documentation. Condens streamlines your research process and organizes data to be valuable for the entire organization today and in the future. This means less administrative work for researchers and getting the most out of what you already know.
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Central place for all research data

No more shared drives and chaotic, hard-to-maintain folder structures.
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Streamline your research process

A clear, structured workflow that speeds up your team and guides colleagues new to research.
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Keep sensitive data secure

Condens helps to stay GDPR compliant and treat sensitive data responsibly.

All your current and past research data in one repository

All data in one place

From interview notes and recordings to findings: Condens is your central place for all user research data.

Search and filter

Find past research quickly through customizable fields and powerful search.

Global taxonomy

Global tags uncover themes across projects and ensure a company-wide taxonomy. Project specific tags let you work flexibly without impacting everyone else.

Make research accessible

Let colleagues find existing results themselves through a dedicated interface that fits their needs.

"Condens supports and streamlines the entire process from collecting evidence to sharing findings."
Photo of Thomas Fortmann, User Researcher at WATTx
Thomas Fortmann
User Researcher at WATTx

Keep track of all personal data and stay GDPR compliant

Delete personal data with one click

Every quote, video clip or image is linked to the raw data it came from. If you have to delete personal data, everything that derived from it is deleted as well.

Control who has access

Not everyone should have access to everything. A dedicated platform for stakeholders ensures that only people who really need to see all data can do so.

WattX uses Condens as UX Research Repository

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