Share user research findings to foster empathy among your colleagues

For research to have impact, it needs to be seen by the right people. With Condens you can share research findings with the click of a button without loosing control over what you share and what should remain confidential. Sharing findings - as fast and easy as it should be.
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Share results online

No need to send PDF-reports. Stakeholders can access findings via link or dedicated repository.
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Full control

Decide exactly what you want to share helps you keep sensible data secure.
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Unlimited viewers

Share a read-only version of your findings to unlimited viewers with a simple link.

Quick and easy sharing of results

Browser-based sharing

Instead of sending huge files via email, provide access with a simple link. No login needed for viewers.

Use media as evidence

Embed images, quotes, audio and video clips to make findings engaging and relatable for your audience.

Visual and engaging shareables

Create popular UX Research deliverables like user journey maps or empathy maps directly in Condens and share a read-only version with unlimited viewers with a simple link.

Full control

Only share what you intend to. Want to show quotes, but not the participant names? No problemo.

Easy export of highlights

Download media clips and export highlights as text, image or CSV file.

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How Freeletics fosters collaboration and democratizes user research

Freeletics uses Condens to involve non-research in the analysis process of qualitative research and spreads user research throughout the company.
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The Stakeholder Repository

A dedicated interface for clients and colleagues to access research findings

Dedicated platform for stakeholders

Condens comes with a separate interface for stakeholders and colleagues who just want to consume research findings.

Curated by researchers

Findings are presented in the context of the respective project and are curated by the people who did the research. This helps to prevent misinterpretation of findings.

Empower stakeholders to find answers

A specialized UI helps stakeholders find the answers they are looking for without having to dig through raw data or ask researchers.

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