Power-up your qualitative data analysis

Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) can be a messy process. With Condens you get from raw data to findings easier. Simplify time consuming tasks and bring structure to your process while maintaining a flexible workflow. It's as easy as working on a whiteboard – without the chaos and loss of detail.
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Speed-up analysis

Analyze qualitative research data in hours instead of days.
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Evidence-based findings

All evidence is connected to raw data. Easily jump back to get the context.
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Made for user research

Not another general purpose tool. Specifically designed for analyzing UX Research data.

Bring structure to the chaos of qualitative research data

Fast AI-assisted tagging

Structure data by attaching tags to notes and files. Multi tags and AI-based suggestions ensure a smooth workflow.

Flexible tag management

Perspectives change and so do tags. Group, merge or split up tags and build your taxonomy as you go.

Powerful, yet easy-to-use segmentation

Powerful segmentation doesn't have to be clunky and complicated. Easily drill down to the data that really matters.

Affinity cluster as you go

Make sense of data the way you're used to. Let Condens be your digital post-it wall.

„We've found Condens to be a real game-changer for us. It helped us streamline the entire workflow from note-taking to clustering insights and creating recommendations. The most significant benefit has been its ability to make these insights and recommendations easily accessible to teams from all departments. It helped us build a more collaborative and efficient UX research environment across the company.”
Profile Picture of Natalia Patiño
UX Leader & Consultant, Former Head of UX @ Freeletics

Use raw data to bring your audience closer

Automatic transcription

Fast and state-of-the-art automatic transcription of audio and video recordings in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Easy creation of media highlights

Create engaging media highlights of your user research recordings. No need for a heavy and expensive video editing tool.

Share media highlights

Engage your audience with highlight reels of your research. Share media highlights online or download clips and use them in your presentation.

„The synthesis process in Condens is very unique and makes it really easy to process qualitative data as I go.”
Photo of Tamara Didenko, Senior UX Designer at Trelora Real Estate
Tamara Didenko
Senior UX Designer at Trelora Real Estate

Condens Customer - Syngenta Digital

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Syngenta Digital's journey to a centralized user research approach and how it helped them to break down silos.
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