Munich • Full time

Software Developer

We are looking for motivated developers to help us extend and improve our software.

About us

Condens is a Munich based startup building one of the most popular software tools for user research. Our customers range from freelancers and agencies to startups and large enterprises. We believe in the value of diverse backgrounds. Not the typical startup, Condens is a bootstrapped company (100% owned by the founders) that operates profitably so we have full control over where we go. Learn more on our about us page.

What we expect from you

  • You are a smart and curious person
  • You have solid software development skills. Experience with any languages/libraries/tools we are using (see below) is a plus
  • You see yourself as a creator that focuses on the actual value generated for users and thrives on it
  • You don't want to limit your expertise to one part of our stack. You are willing to write code for the frontend and the backend and whatever else there is
  • You are pragmatic and know that no truths or best practices are absolute but rather that it always depends on the circumstances
  • You understand and subscribe to values of agility

How software development at Condens is (probably) different from other companies

  • The actual value generated for our users is our number one priority. Every decision we make is evaluated with regards to that. "It's best practice" is never the reason we do something. Valid reasons are (among others): "It provides value to our users" or "It allows us to move faster" or "It will make changes in the future easier" or "It will help us not to introduce bugs".
  • Our developers are in close contact with our users. We believe that actually understanding and empathizing with users is a necessary requirement to writing good, user-focused software
  • We don't do tickets or user-stories. We usually have one problem that we work on in a sprint for which developers work closely with product/UX people and try to come up with solutions together. In our view, tickets or user stories are just not a good tool for that
  • We ship often. And by that we don’t mean that we try to ship after each sprint but rather that in a normal week we have a couple of releases.

Our (current) tech stack

  • Frontend: JavaScript, Vue, SASS, Firebase, ProseMirror
  • Backend: NodeJS, Cloud Functions, Firestore, PostgreSQL, Transformers
  • Infrastructure: Google Cloud, AWS, GitLab

What we offer

  • You will be able to directly impact the trajectory of a young startup
  • Participation in the company’s success
  • Flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely
  • We trust you and let you take ownership from day one
  • Autonomy for you to make the final call in your area of expertise
People from all backgrounds are explicitly encouraged to apply.

Ready to apply?

Send your CV and a few sentences describing why you think Condens is a good fit for you to