Generating bookmarks and summaries

How to automatically generate bookmarks in Condens

For new recordings

1. When uploading your recording to Condens, default bookmarks will be automatically generated and appear on the right side of the interface.

2. You can easily edit or delete these bookmarks at any time to suit your needs.

3. If you prefer not to have bookmarks generated by default, you can disable this option in the transcription settings.

For existing recordings

1. To generate bookmarks for existing recordings, navigate toand select "Generate Bookmarks."

2. Our editable bookmarks will appear on the right, providing you with the ability to jump to specific sections of your data.

  • Additionally, you can change the language of your bookmarks in the settings to suit your preferences.

How to automatically generate summaries for Artifacts & Highlights in Condens

1. Open the Artifact or Highlight you want to summarize.

2. Click on the ✨ icon.

3. Condens AI will generate a summary in just a few seconds.

4. If the generated summary doesn't quite meet your requirements, feel free to use it as a basis and edit it.

  • Keep in mind that if there is an existing summary, our AI will suggest replacing it, giving you full control over your content.

  • Just as with bookmarks, you can easily adjust the language of your summaries through the settings to best suit your needs.

Lastly, Condens AI is a workspace-wide option that can be easily disabled as per your preferences and needs. Your control over AI remains in your hands.

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