Participant Pool

The Participant Pool lets you build your own panel of research participants and manage all data regarding participants in a central place. In addition to that, participant information is an important form of metadata in your repository as it allows you to understand user segments across the scope of a single project.

Note: Condens does not offer participant recruiting services. But you can store all participant data in Condens, whether you recruit yourself or use a recruiting provider.

Database of participants

Go to Participants in the menu on the left to see the list of participants. Clicking on a participant will show participant information, attached files and the history of interaction with that person.

Participant information fields

Participant information fields let you enter structured information for the people in the Participant Pool. This enables several use cases such as

  • storing contact information like email or phone number centrally accessible for the research team

  • tracking administrative tasks like whether a consent form was signed or how much compensation was paid to monitor tax thresholds

  • quickly finding participants for the next study e.g. based on user segment, products they use, their preferred device type, company size or industry

You can add custom participant information fields to track the data that is relevant to your organization. Creating a new information field automatically adds it to the template and makes it visible for existing and new participants thereby helping to ensure data consistency.

The search bar in the Participants tab lets you find people based on participant information or change the way the list is sorted.


Connect participants to sessions

Every session in a research project has Participants as a session information field. You can use it to create a new participant directly from there or connect an existing participant to that session. Linking a research session to a participant makes this session appear in the history of interactions with that person.

A session can have multiple participants associated with it e.g. for group interviews.

Data segmentation across projects

You can use participant information to filter and segment research data not only within a research project but also across projects. This enables to answer overarching questions like 'What are the pain points of our most frequent users?' or 'What are the most common feature requests of our financial industry customers?'.


Note: You can use data segmentation even if you don't use the peoples' real names for the Participant Pool. Just enter a pseudonym for the name and use non-personally identifiable information like industry or persona for the participant information fields.

Bulk-edit participants

Select participants in the participant panel and select the bulk action in the bar on the top.


Bulk upload participant data

When you have structured research data from a participant panel list already available, you can bulk-import this data and create multiple Participants at once.

We support bulk-importing for CSV, Excel, or Google Sheets files. Find a detailed step-by-step guide on bulk uploading participant data here.

Bulk update participant fields

If you have a spreadsheet file with your updated participant list, you can upload it and bulk update your participant pool without duplicating existing ones. In order to do that, you only need to select a participant field, such as name or email, as the ID by simply clicking on the “ID” button next to the column. If the participant ID already exists, the fields will be updated with the new information, and if the ID value does not exist already, a new participant will be created.


Please note: Make sure the ID value is unique to the participants. If multiple Participants have the same value, only one will be updated. Since sometimes participants could have the same name, we recommend using the email address.


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