Error when inviting users

If you receive an error when inviting users to collaborate in Condens, the error message might be as follows.

A person’s email address can only be part of exactly one organization account in Condens. So if you receive that message this person already has a Condens account somewhere else.

There are three ways to handle this:

  1. Use a different email address: Ask the person if they have a second, different email address you can use to invite them to Condens. That way they can stay part of the other account they are in.

  2. Create an alias: If the person doesn't have a second email, they might create one. With some email providers like Gmail creating an alias is easily possible by modifying the email address. There are also services like SimpleLogin which let you created aliases for free.

  3. Remove the email from the existing organization: We can remove the email from the organization it's currently associated with, so you can invite them to your organization. In this case, ask the affected person to write us to requesting the removal of their email from the account. Please note that the person will lose access to the current account including the data stored with it.

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