Connection problems

For some network configurations, Condens isn't able to connect to the server and the "Can't connect to server" message appears.

Make sure you are online

The first think to check is to make sure that the internet connection on your device is working. Granted, if you were able to open this help page chances are pretty high you are online, but we wanted to mention it nonetheless.

Make sure Condens is online

On some rare occasion it might happen that the Condens servers are offline. To see if thats the case, you can check the our status page:

Make sure nothing is blocking the traffic

If you are connected to the internet but still getting the error message, the problem is usually that something in your network is blocking WebSockets, which Condens uses to connect to its server.

An easy way to test this is to go to If websockets are working as they should, you should see something similar to this:

If you are seeing this result, but Condens still can't connect, it's still possible that WebSockets are the problem.

Other ways to test it are:

  • Using a different network connection (for example through a smartphone access point)

  • Using a VPN

  • Talking to your network administrator and asking them if network traffic over WebSockets on on port 80 and 443 (SSL) is being filtered. If that's the case, please see how to allow-list Condens in the next section.

If you use a Firewall

If you have a Firewall in place that is blocking the connection, make sure to allow-list the following domains:


  • *

To do that, please contact your network administrator.

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