PingOne: Create Condens SSO App

The first step is to create a Connection application in PingOne that is used to connect to Condens. To create it, log in to PingOne and open the Administrators environment. There, select Connections from the menu on the left and press the + symbol to create a new connection application.

Enter Condens or whatever name makes sense as the Application name, select SAML Application at the bottom, and then click Configure. In the next step, select Manually enter and enter the following:

After that, click Save.

In the created application that opens automatically, select Attribute Mappings. Press the edit symbol on the top right and then change the preselected User ID under Ping One to Email Address. After that, press Save.

Enable the application by clicking the toggle button on the top right.

To finish the setup, Condens needs information from the created PingOne application. To get those, click the Configuration tab. From there, download the certificate by clicking Download Signing Certificate and then select X509 PEM (.crt). You also need the values under Issuer ID and Single Signon Service for the next step.

Now, log into Condens with an Administrator account and open this URL: If you don’t have an Administrator account, ask a UX researcher to invite you as a Non-research Admin to Condens.

There paste in the following values:

  • Signing Certificate (Base64): Copy and paste the content of the downloaded certificate

  • Login URL: Enter the Single Sign-on Service Value

  • Identifier: Enter the Issuer ID value

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