Keycloak: Create Condens SSO App

  1. Sign in to Keycloak as an administrator.

  2. Click Clients then Create. Enter a unique Client ID (like “Condens”), select Client Protocol saml and then click Save.

  3. Edit the following values in the client you created:

    • Enabled: On

    • Sign Assertions: On

    • Encrypt Assertions: Off

    • Client Signature Required: Off

    • Name ID Format: email

    • Valid Redirect URIs: Copy in the SP Login URL from Condens

  4. Save the client config.

  5. Go to the Mappers tab, and click on Add Builtin

    • Select X500 email

    • Click Add selected.

  6. Edit email attribute:

    • Click on X500 email.

    • Change the SAML Attribute Name to email.

    • Click Save.

  7. Go to Realm Settings in the left menu. Under the General tab, click on SAML 2.0 Identity Provider Metadata.

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