JumpCloud: Create Condens SSO App

Creating a SAML App in JumpCloud

  • Login to JumpCloud as an Admin

  • In the side menu, under “User Authentication” select "SSO" and then click the green plus sign

  • In the opened modal, click "Custom SAML App" at the bottom


Configuring the SAML App in JumpCloud

Enter the following information into the configuration fields:


General Info

  • Display Label: enter a name you would like to appear for the app (for Example “Condens”)


Leave the rest as it is.

After all configurations mentioned above are filled in, press “Activate”. After that you might have to confirm once more and then a new SAML App should be successfully created.

Click the newly created SAML App in the list, then on the left click “IDP Certificate Valid” to open a menu and in that menu click “Download certificate” and save the certificate on your machine.

Enter the data into Condens:

  • IDP URL in JumpCloud → IdP Login URL in Condens

  • IDP Entity ID in JumpCloud (same as SP Entity ID in Condens) → IdP Entity ID in Condens

  • Downloaded certificate (open in a text editor and copy-paste it) ****→ Certificate in Condens

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