Google Workspace: Create Condens SSO App

  1. Make sure you are a Google Workspace super administrator for this task.

  2. Go to the Google Admin console.

  3. Go to Apps > Web and mobile apps and select Add app > Add custom SAML app.

  4. Enter the App name (for example “Condens”) and a description and then click Continue.

  5. Note the SSO URL, Entity ID, and certificate text. You'll later need to enter them in Condens. After that click Continue.

  6. Fill out the form:

    • SP Entity ID in Condens → Entity ID in Google Workspace

    • SP Login URL in Condens → ACS URL in Google Workspace

    • Name ID format: EMAIL

    • Name ID: Basic Information > Primary email

  7. Press Continue

  8. Set the following attributes:

    • Basic Information > First name → firstname

    • Basic Information > Last name → lastname

  9. Press Finish

  10. Click on the User access panel.

  11. Select ON for everyone and click Save.

  12. Enter the information from Google Workspace into Condens

    • SSO URL in Google Workspace → IdP Login URL in Condens

    • Entity ID in Google Workspace → IdP Entity ID in Condens

    • Certificate text from Google Workspace → Certificate in Condens

⚠️ The Test SSO Connection step in Condens might fail initially with 403 or 500 errors, because it sometimes takes a bit of time for the SSO application to propagate to all users in Google Workspace. This can take up to 24 hours. It’s ok to close Condens during this time and reenter the data from Google Workspace at a later point, because the SP Entity ID and SP Login URL you copied from Condens into Google Workspace will stay the same. ⚠️

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