Entra ID (formerly Azure AD): Create Condens App

Create an Enterprise application, by logging into the Azure Portal, navigating to Azure Active Directory (AD) and clicking on Enterprise application.

Now click on the + New application button to create a new application. After that click + Create your own application (or Non-gallery application when using the old old app gallery view).

Next give the Application a Name (for example Condens SSO), click Add and then wait a bit for Azure AD to create the application.

In order to configure SSO for your newly created application, click on Single sign-on, followed by clicking on the SAML option displayed.

Press Edit in the Basic SAML Configuration section and fill in the following values:

  • SP Entity ID in Condens → Identifier (Entity ID) in Entra

  • SP Login URL in Condens → Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) in Entra

Now press Save to apply the changes.

Next, generate a certificate by clicking Add a certificate. You can just close the opened dialog since you don’t need to edit the settings for the certificate.

Now enter the information from the Entra SAML-based Sign-on page ****into Condens:

  • Certificate (Raw) (Download) in Entra → Certificate in Condens

  • Login URL in Entra → IdP Login URL in Condens

  • Microsoft Entra Identifier in Entra → IdP Entity ID in Condens

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