Service availability

Condens is developed from the ground up to be secure and reliable. We have multiple measures in place to ensure that you can continue using Condens, even if some unforeseen circumstances occur.


We have monitoring systems in place for all our services that instantly report to us if anything should be wrong. Our engineers will be automatically notfied about such incidents.

Disaster recovery

In the very unlikely event of a critical disruption of our services, we have a set disaster recovery plan in place that ensures the impact of such a disruption is minimal. This plan is tested and revisited at least annually.

Uptime status

All information regarding uptime and status of Condens can be found on our status page .

Scheduled downtime

Some Condens product updates require maintenance during which our service isn't available. This doesn't happen often and if the downtime is expected to last longer than five minutes, it will be announced on our status page at least one week in advance. We try to schedule such downtimes to happen during the weekend and/or at night, as to minimize the effect they have.

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