Internal security

Access to customer data by Condens employees

We only access customer data after we have written consent by the affected customers. We only do so if it is absolutely required, for example for resolving issues our customers might be having.

Only managing directory at Condens have the required permissions to access customer data. For other employees, access is only granted for a limited time and in a fixed scope.

Physical security

We don't store any data or service infrastructure in our own physical premises but rather rely on trusted subprocessers to host them.

Access to our offices is restricted using physical locks and is monitored 24/7.

Employee confidentiality

All our employees have a confidentiality clause in their written employment contract. They sign that they will

  • Not disclose any confidential information, regarding Condens or our customers.

  • Only use confidential information for the purpose of employement.

We also carefully vet all potential new employees.

Security training

Condens maintains a comprehensive Information Security Policy. All employees are required to take part in regular IT security tranings.

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