CCPA compliance

While Condens does currently not meet the criteria that would make the California Consumer Privacy Act apply to our business, we want to ensure our customers can use Condens in a way that is compliant with CCPA.

Data handling

In no event does Condens sell personal information as defined by the CCPA, process or disclose such personal information for any purpose other than to provide the service to the customer. We take respective measures such that any person authorized by Condens to process personal information does so solely to the extent necessary to enable Condens to perform the Services.

Consumer requests

In general, Condens is designed in a way such that customers can perform all consumer requests directly via the tool. For instance, you can use the search to find any data via the consumer’s name and then perform the requested action like

  • making a copy of the participant page to show what data has been stored

  • anonymizing data by changing the consumer’s name into a pseudonym and deleting all entries that would make it possible to refer back to the individual

Beyond that, Condens will provide reasonable assistance to customers in facilitating compliance with consumer rights requests if a customer should not be able to perform a consumer request on their own.

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