Connection problems

For some network configurations, Condens isn't able to connect to the server and the "Can't connect to server" message or a similar one appear.

Make sure you are online

The first think to check is to make sure that the internet connection on your device is working. Granted, if you were able to open this help page chances are pretty high you are online, but we wanted to mention it nonetheless.

Make sure Condens is online

On some rare occasion it might happen that the Condens servers are offline. To see if thats the case, you can check the our status page:

Run the Condens Connection Test

Condens provides a stand-alone tool that checks if your browser and network setup are able to connect to our servers. It also provides suggestions for how to fix common problems. You can find it here:

If everything is fine with your setup, the result should look like this:

If you use a Firewall

In most cases, if the Connection Test fails it's because there is a Firewall in place that is blocking the connection. To avoid any problems with firewalls, make sure to allow-list the following domains:


  • *

  • *

To do that, please contact your network administrator.

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